Windows Loader v1.9.3 por Daz

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Ultima actualizacion de este eficiente activador para windows 7.

Windows 7 loader by Daz es uno de los ultimos activadores funcionales para windows 7 en el momento que a diferencia de activadores como los de orbit y hazar y napalum ya no realizan su funcion.

Este loader cuenta con la funcion de activar tu Windows 7 version 32 o 64 bits.



* Can be run as a standalone application
* Works well with all system languages
* Argument support for silent installs
* Can be used for pre-activation
* Application integrity checking
* Custom error handling
* Support for hidden partitions and complex setups
* Can work alongside Linux’s GRUB or any other boot manager
* Works with TrueCrypt and many other types of hard drive encryption applications
* Add your own certificates and serials externally
* Offers certificate and serial installation only for users with an existing SLIC 2.1
* Automated system profiling (The application matches everything up for you)

The rundown

* This will run on x86 and x64 systems
* This can activate all Windows versions at the same time, just install it on each
* No core system files get modified
* No extra processes are run so you have nothing eating at your RAM
* All key parts of the exploit are encrypted with a custom encryption
* The exploit runs before Windows so it’s harder for Microsoft to prevent
* The exploit patches all necessary tables making activation look authentic
* The application will select the best profile for your system during installation
* Each and every user has a unique version of the exploit installed on his/her system

Datos Técnicos
  • Compresión: .rar
  • Tipo: Activador
  • Licencia: …..
  • Host: Hotfile
  • Tamaño: 6MB



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