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GrassValley Edius Pro 7.4.2

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GrassValley Edius Pro 7.4.2 (20/3/2015)

GrassValley Edius Pro 7.4.2

GrassValley Edius Pro 7.4.2 | 503 MB


When an editor has to wait for technology, creativity suffers. That doesn't happen with EDIUS 7. It's simple: EDIUS Pro 7 is the fastest and most versatile real time editing software-4K, 3D, HD, SD, and almost any format from 24x24 to 4Kx2K, all on the same timeline, even in nested sequences, all in real time. And now EDIUS has partnered with Blackmagic Design to support its PCIe DeckLink 4K Extreme and Thunderbolt-based UltraStudio 4K capture and playback devices for the most affordable 4K workflows.
EDIUS Pro 7 means more resolutions, unlimited tracks, and real-time editing for the ability to Edit Anything, Anywhere. EDIUS Pro 7 is the perfect finishing tool for broadcast news, newsmagazine content, and studio programs, as well as corporate, documentary, and 4K theatrical productions.
That's why broadcasters, production houses, media departments, and video professionals worldwide choose Grass Valley EDIUS for multiformat editing.
Limitless: With no limitations to the number of audio, video, graphics, and title tracks, EDIUS Pro 7 can handle the most complex projects, even in 4K.
Plays well with others: EDIUS Pro 7 is now open to third-party input and output hardware from Blackmagic Design, with support for Matrox and AJA Video Systems hardware scheduled for Q4 2013. EDIUS Pro 7 also supports EDL project import/export color correction interchange with DaVinci Resolve for a new color grading workflow.
What's high can be low: Low-resolution proxy editing mode enables older desktop and laptop systems with the power of EDIUS Pro 7. That means you don't need the latest and greatest system to edit with EDIUS Pro 7.

Transcode this: With unrivaled real-time video transcoding technology, EDIUS Pro 7 gives you the ability to convert between 4K, HD, and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates-all in real time.

Operating System
Windows 7 64-bit (Service Pack 1 or later), Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit

Any Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster multiple CPUs and/or multicore CPUs are recommended. SSSE3 (Supplementary SSE3) instruction set support required

(1GB RAM minimum (4 GB or more recommended
Requirements for RAM and video memory vary depending on the project format. For SD/HD projects: 4 GB or more RAM recommended. For 4K projects: 16 GB or more RAM recommended
Maximum amount of RAM is based on the physical memory limits of each OS:
Windows 8, Enterprise and Professional, 64-bit: 512 GB
Windows 8, 64-bit: 128 GB
Windows 7, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional, 64-bit: 192 GB
(Windows 7, Home Premium, 64-bit: 16 GB (not recommended for complex 4K projects
(Windows 7, Home Basic, 64-bit: 8 GB (not recommended for projects with more than HD resolution

Graphics Card:
Supporting higher resolution than 1024x768 32-bit. Direct3D 9.0c or later and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required
Requirements for video memory size when using GPUfx will vary depending on the project format. For 10-bit SD projects: 1 GB or more recommended, for HD/4K projects 2 GB or more recommended
Note: Requirements for video memory vary depending on the project format. See Memory section above for details

Hard Disk:
6GB of hard disk space is required for installation
:Drive with ATA100/7,200 RPM or faster is required for video storage
Available hard drive disc space should be twice the size of the file to be edited
RAID-0 is recommended for HD and above resolution editing

Optical Drive:
Blu-ray Disc writer is required when creating Blu-ray Discs
DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating DVDs

Sound Card:
Sound card with WDM driver support is required
Note: EDIUS Loader 5.2 Included
***8226; If clip in the player window is replaced by a P2 clip while hi-res data is downloading, that clip cannot be replaced.
***8226; EDIUS freezes if the audio loudness level of a long duration clip in the Bin is measured.
***8226; Pressing the DEL key makes EDIUS crash if no clip is selected in the timeline and either an In or an Out point is marked.
***8226; If a properly activated EDIUS is operated via Windows Remote Desktop, the 'trial license expired' error unexpectedly appears.
***8226; Noise (jagged edges) appears in rendered XDCAM HD 422 sequence clip in the timeline.
***8226; EDIUS freezes while restoring off-line clips.
***8226; EDIUS generates a project file for field editing that cannot be loaded.
***8226; EDIUS cannot output 1080p 59/50 video from HDMI output of KONA 3G.
***8226; Noise (video blocking) appears in exported MPEG2 MXF clip if exported using segment encoding.
***8226; VisTitle clip duration is not updated in EDIUS even if clip duration is changed in VisTitle.
***8226; EDIUS timeline freezes while playing clips with certain effects.
***8226; Analysis error appears if stabilizer is applied to a sequence clip.
***8226; XDCAM exporter user preset does not preserve unchecking of "Change Audio Format" option

GrassValley Edius Pro 7.4.2




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