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Music Theory - eBook Collections

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Music Theory - eBook Collections

Music Theory - eBook Collections

Books on Music Theory (Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration)

Format: pdf
Language: English
Size: 967.48 MiB


Aldwell, Schachter_Harmony and Voice Leading 3rd Edtion.pdf 49 MB
Berlioz_A treatise upon modern instrumentation (1858).pdf 18 MB
Cope David_Techniques of the Contemporary Composer.pdf 22 MB
Hindemith Paul_Elementary Training for Musicians.pdf 8 MB
Hindemith Paul_The Craft of Musical Composition.pdf 41 MB
Horwood Frederick_Elementary Counterpoint.pdf 3 MB
Kennan Kent_Counterpoint, 4th ed.pdf 12 MB
Kitson C H_Counterpoint for Beginners.pdf 19 MB
Kwon Songtaik_Mahler and Bach - Counterpoint and Polarities in Form.pdf 11 MB
Messiaen Olivier_Technique of my Musical Language_Examples.pdf 19 MB
Messiaen Olivier_Technique of my Musical Language_Text.pdf 27 MB
Norden Hugo_Foundation studies in Fugue.pdf 3 MB
Norden Hugo_Fundamental Counterpoint.pdf 9 MB
Piston Walter_Counterpoint (1970).pdf 35 MB
Piston Walter_Harmony (1959).pdf 55 MB
Piston Walter_Orchestration (1969).pdf 59 MB
Riemann Hugo_Harmony Simplified.pdf 14 MB
Salzer Felix_Structural Hearing 1.pdf 51 MB
Salzer Felix_Structural Hearing 2.pdf 51 MB
Schenker Heinrich_Harmony.pdf 15 MB
Schoenberg Arnold_Fundamentals of Musical Composition.pdf 33 MB
Schoenberg Arnold_Preliminary Exersises in Counterpoint.pdf 9 MB
Schoenberg Arnold_Structural Functions of Harmony.pdf 61 MB
Schoenberg Arnold_Theory of Harmony.pdf 23 MB
Smith-Brindle Reginald_Serial Composition.pdf 33 MB
how to get more classical music.txt 0 MB
Davis Richard_Complete Guide To Film Scoring (1999).pdf 15 MB
Digital Recording, Mixing And Mastering Volume 1.pdf 6 MB
Dobbins Bill_A Creative Approach To Jazz Piano Harmony.pdf 14 MB
Dobbins Bill_Jazz Arranging And Composing.pdf 11 MB
Feldstein Sandy_Practical Theory Complete; A Self-Instruction Music Theory Course (1982).pdf 39 MB
Gerou Tom, Lusk Linda_Essential Dictionary of Music Notation.pdf 4 MB
Jamey Aebershold_How To Play Jazz and Improvise.pdf 7 MB
Jerry Bergonzi - Vol 4 - Melodic Rhythms.pdf 6 MB
Liebman Dave_Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody.pdf 17 MB
Microphone Techniques for Music Sound Reinforcement.pdf 1 MB
Miller Ron_Modal Jazz, Composition and Harmony.pdf 118 MB
Music Theory in Concept and Practice.chm 4 MB
Russo William_Composing for the jazz orchestra.pdf 2 MB
Walden David E_How to Listen to Modern Music Without Earplugs.chm 1 MB
elementary_Zeitlin P, Goldberger D - Understanding Music Theory (1981).pdf 31 MB

Format: pdf
Music Theory - eBook Collections




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