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Dino-Riders (1988) Season 1

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Dino-Riders (1988) Season 1
Dino-Riders (1988)  Season 1


Before Jurassic Park clawed its way into the public eye, the coolest dinosaurs in pop culture were the ones on the late 80's cartoon series Dino-Riders. Airing as part of the Marvel Action Universe, Dino-Riders lasted only 14 episodes but had a very successful action figure line distributed by Tyco Toys. The series told the story of the Valorians, a peaceful race of telepathic beings whose home planet was conquered by the Rulon Empire. A small band of survivors, led by the heroic Questar, managed to escape destruction by time travelling to Prehistoric Earth using the experimental Space Time Energy Projector (a.k.a. the S.T.E.P.). But the grotesque Emperor Krulos and his most evil Rulon commanders followed these survivors on their ship the Dreadlock. Stranded in the past, the two groups had to rely on the planet's dinosaurs to survive and battle each other. If you were looking for good to triumph over evil in great adventures that included cool-looking armored dinos and good-old 80's cheese, then Dino-Riders was the show to watch!

Dino-Riders (1988)  Season 1

Dino-Riders (1988)  Season 1
14 Ice Age Adventure.avi
13 One to Lead Us (2).avi
12 Battle for the Brontosaurus (1).avi
10 To Lose the Path.avi
09 Thanksgiving.avi
08 Tagg, You're It!.avi
07 Krulos.avi
06 T-Rex.avi
05 Toro, Toro, Torosaurus.avi
04 The Blue Skies of Earth.avi
03 The Rulon Stampede.avi
02 Revenge of the Rulons.avi
01 The Adventure Begins.avi


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