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Scarlet Spider All

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Scarlet Spider All
Scarlet Spider All
Scarlet Spider All Comics l 112.83 MB

Format: CBR
Publisher: Marvel
Release Dates: Nov 1995 - Feb 1996
Issues: Amazing Scarlet Spider #1-#2, Scarlet Spider #1-#2, Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1, Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1-#2, Web of Scarlet Spider #1-#4

Web of Scarlet Spider is the name of a short-lived comic book series starring the Scarlet Spider. The series was published by Marvel Comics for four issues between November 1995 and February 1996. It was a direct continuation, in terms of creative teams and storylines, of the previous Web of Spider-Man series in the same way that the other three primary Spider-Man series (The Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Spider-Man) were replaced by Amazing Scarlet Spider, Spectacular Scarlet Spider, and Scarlet Spider respectively during this period. While those series each reverted to their original titles after two issues (The quarterly Spider-Man Unlimited was similarly redone for one issue as Scarlet Spider Unlimited), Web remained a Scarlet Spider title for two additional issues before the series was cancelled entirely.

Repacked: Changed all names of images contained in CBR archives to be consistent, to make sure all readers will get them all in the correct order. Removed duplicate double pages. Combined split 2-page spreads. All files packed in CBR format. Ads removed.

All files are named with year and month of release, if you put my packs in the same folder you will automatically have a chronological collection.

112 MB

Scarlet Spider All

http://www.hitfile.net/3Mf6/Scarlet Spider All Titles 1995-11 - 1996-02 Repacked No Ads [h33t][drknark].rar.html

Scarlet Spider All
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/RQkag42MZqzy/Scarlet Spider All Titles 1995-11 - 1996-02 Repacked No Ads [h33t][drknark].rar

Scarlet Spider All
http://turbobit.net/85g6c48f932s/Scarlet Spider All Titles 1995-11 - 1996-02 Repacked No Ads [h33t][drknark].rar.html


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