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HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer WAV

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HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer WAV 430 MB
430 mb
HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV

HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer | WAV | 430 MB

Hip Hop Drummer contains a great collection of drum loops and one shot samples that you can use over and over again into your mixes because each sound is unique.

Hip Hop Drummer pack will provide you 200 drum loops and a BONUS "Drum Kit"! More hot drum loops for your mixes so you will always find the necessary inspiration to make a new beat. This drum loops are not "semplated", they were created from scratch using best hardware and software tools available in our studio.

Each loop is created with different drum sounds, so all 200 drum loops are unique!

Versatile, relevant and ready to go at any tempo!

All loops are available in WAV 24-Bit ACIDized format, this mean you can use them at any tempo you want without major edits. Just set your tempo and drag the loop into DAWs sequencer, this will automatically sync with your tempo. However, we recommend you to use these drum loops at tempos between 80bpm and 100bpm.


200 WAV 24-Bit ACIDized Drum Loops
90 WAV 24-BIT One Shots
Tempo Range: 80bpm - 100bpm
Total Size: 735MB (unziped)
100% Royalty Free

Looped and ready for you to create, this sample pack is a great toolbox for any beatmaker, even if you are a beginner or more advanced.

Hip Hop Drummer sample pack will fit perfectly with any music software that can use WAV files, such as FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro and just about all of them.

HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV
HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV

HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV

1 LINK 430mb

HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV


HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV

HexLoops Hip Hop Drummer  WAV


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